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more for inktober 9/31

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hajael (with my NEW BRUSH PEN) for inktober 8/31

I GOT A NEW PEN inktober 7/31

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inktober 6/31 //lays face down in the dirt

i read through the entire gravity falls transcendence au this morning and im sold it’s great it’s a gift please take this small offering of solidarity or something (why do i draw on index cards all the time? this is a question for the ages)

literally drawing these on index cards

i have a lot of issues involving mobile blogging

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inktober 5/31: the source of all my tears

inktober day 3&4 sketches! pretty quick bc I was doodling while watching Gotham but at least I’m posting them

LATE POST inktober day 2 someone make me stop watching gravity falls it’s all I do

inktober day 1

doodling at the art supply store!!

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insertwittyandunusualnamehere said: Why did it take me so long to follow this blog?

bc you are not a good friend

jk leah you’re the best maybe you just missed me advertising it

LET ME TAKE A SELFIE (spends 20 minutes drawing a self portrait)

more hastily edited in class sketching. character design from something i’m working on

it’s your destiny zuko